Tennis accessories

Complete the final touches to your outfit with our tennis accessories. Lightweight designs ensure that you’re not weighed down, breathable fabrics keep you cool, whilst sweat-wicking materials keep you dry.

Enjoy the range of tennis accessories from adidas

Step onto the court in style, with the tennis accessories range from adidas. Choose from a selection of dazzling products, such as ankle socks, headbands and caps, so you can perform to your maximum when you’re in the arena. With a range of sports technologies that aid you along the way, you’ll be able to stay focused on winning the game. Moisture-absorbing fabrics soak up sweat, so you stay dry for the duration. Breathable materials promote airflow, so you don’t overheat when the temperature rises. Lightweight designs allow you to carry on with your game without being weighed down by your clothing. Cushioning in socks helps absorb impact and prevent blisters that can interfere with your game.

Accessories for tennis to complete your look

No matter if you’re training or in a match, our range of accessories for tennis helps you complete your outfit. Perfect for training and match day, tennis accessories have something for everybody. Sports hijabs allow athletes to play tennis whilst adhering to their religious beliefs. Duffel bags give tennis players the perfect place to store their belongings. Wristbands help ensure sweat doesn’t get the better of you when you’re at a vital point in the game. Add to that final touches, such as mesh panels which help increase ventilation, and you’ll be able to take to the court with confidence.

Sustainability at the heart of our tennis range

Our tennis accessories not only look and feel great, but they are also environmentally friendly. We’ve reduced our reliance on virgin resources and instead focus on using recycled materials, such as ocean plastic waste, to produce our accessories range. This means fewer carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere during the production process, which helps us to tackle the climate crisis. We are also part of the Better Cotton Initiative, which ensures that cotton farming is done in a fair and sustainable manner.