Sarah Sharp/September 2023

Adizero History: Running Shoes Made to Win | adidas

What is adidas Adizero? Read the Adizero history – the record-breaking running shoes, designed to win from training to the track.

Want to know the Adizero history? Get the inside track on how adizero democratized speed, breaking world records and empowering ambitious runners alike.


The legacy of the record-breaking Adizero franchise began in 2004. After years of crafting winning running shoes, adidas aimed to redefine speed through innovation. They chose well-known Japanese craftsman Toshiaki Omori for the task, renowned for his foot-centric approach to adidas design since 1999. Omori prioritised foot anatomy and used real foot moulds to create a perfect fit – the "microfit."


Simplicity was crucial to achieve foot-shoe harmony. Materials, weight, cushioning – everything was meticulously selected to provide a lightweight, elegant and fast feel, without sacrificing comfort. They had to overcome many challenges along the way, adapting the shoe’s design for various running conditions: track miles, 10K tempos, treadmill intervals and ultra-marathons.

After years of thoughtful development, the Adizero was born in September 2008. On the eve of the Berlin Marathon, Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie tested the Adizero Adios prototypes. He ran up and down his hotel corridor, feeling the responsiveness of the soles as his feet touched the ground.

Impressed by their performance, he wore them for the marathon, breaking the world record by 29 seconds with a remarkable 2.03.59 finish – his third consecutive win. Since that day, Adizero has helped some of the world’s best runners achieve 12 more world records – 3 in 2020, 7 in 2021 and 2 in 2022 – crowning them record-breaking running shoes.



What is Adizero technology? Thanks to the Adizero range's history of constant testing, improving and refining, the shoe’s winning streak has seen it collect over 150 elite racing wins since its launch in 2008.

The history of Adizero proves every pair was built with the connection between runner and shoe front of mind. We work with some of the most successful elite athletes on the planet. So, listening closely to them and implementing their invaluable feedback is an important part of the development process.

These insights are what drive us to push beyond our limits. The key innovations behind the Adizero racers are the soft foam LIGHTSTRIKE PRO midsole and the ENERGYRODS structure, while our training shoes are designed to combine peak performance with everyday comfort.

And, made with at least 50% recycled materials in the upper, the Adizero family represents just one of our solutions to help End Plastic Waste.

So, whether you’re heading out for a 5k, training for a half-marathon or championing the full 26.2 miles, Adizero shoes have been carefully developed, tried and tested so you can achieve your ambitious goals. They're designed to help athletes perform at their very best every step of the way. Find the right high-tech Adizero model to chase your PB:


Designed to make you faster and feel ready for race day, Adizero training shoes are built to create record-breaking runners. Looking to upgrade? Find the right Adizero training shoe for you below:

  • Known as the daily trainer, Adizero SL helps runners take their training to the next level and set ambitions higher. With the latest range of lightweight running staples, these will push you beyond your limits without distraction.
  • The Boston 12 builds high-performance race technology into a specialist training shoe. They bring a race-day feel to your pre-race programme and are suited for mid- to long-distance runs.

"The Adizero Boston 12 was built with insights from elite athletes to provide runners with the perfect fast training partner – allowing runners to have that race day feeling in their training through a softer, lighter and ultimately faster ride."

— Coralie Ho-Von, Global Product Manager, Adizero


It’s race day and you’re ready to face the track, max your speed and find your fastest moment to date. Our Adizero racing shoes will get you there every step of the way.

  • A world record breaker and top achiever, our Adios Pro 3 is designed to break limits. With an Adizero history behind them and built on insights from some of the fastest athletes in the world, they’re designed to continue to be record-breaking running shoes.
  • Innovation on innovation – meet the Prime X 2 Strung. Boasting innovative technology and designed without the constraints of world race regulations, they’re the ideal fit for runners with bold ambition.
  • Shorter distances still require sustainable speed. If you’re looking for a shoe to carry you seamlessly through a short and snappy race, the Takumi Sen 9 are for you.
  • Chase your personal best in our Adizero Adios 8 all-rounder shoes. Their hybrid design makes these shoes fast enough for race day and will lead you to tap into your full potential.

Adizero Adios Pro shoes have a proven track record for being the fastest in the field. From Berlin to Boston, Adios Pro has powered my fastest ever wins.”

- Peres Jepchirchir, World Record Breaker


Now you know the history of Adizero, it’s time to look to the future. Whether you’re a marathon record-setter or a casual 5K runner, the Adizero can take you to new heights (and speeds). The Adizero family caters to the individual needs of every ambitious runner. So, the real question isn't what’s next for Adizero, it’s what’s next for you? If you’re ready to go faster, it’s time to discover the Adizero range.