Never too young for a classic. adidas kids Forum’s iconic design transcends age and time, bringing style to the hardwood again and again.

adidas Kids' Forum Shoes

The adidas Forum shoes are built on the idea of expression. And kids, well, they have a lot to express. Which is why kids' Forum shoes are the perfect platform for them to explore who they are, be who they are and own who they are, all while staying super comfortable. Kids' Forum shoes take inspiration from when the adidas Forum shoes were released back in '84 — not just in the design, but in the attitude. A celebration of individuality, kids' Forum shoes keep them feeling good, with some of the Forum's signature markers helping out.

Something that will always be a part of kids' adidas Forum shoes, or any Forum shoes for that matter, is the X-detail that accents the sides. Also typically found is the ankle strap, which was originally used to protect players' ankles and is now both a style accent and continued support for kids' daily moves. You'll find kids' Forum shoes in low-, mid- and high-cut silhouettes — which are just a few of the options that come with the iconic silhouette. Discover different colors, different graphics and different vibes. There's a pair of kids' Forum shoes for every personality.