Football gloves

Catch. Deflect. Release. If your equipment fails in any of these areas you’re not wearing adidas football gloves. Featuring innovative URG latex, ours provide dynamic adhesive properties without affecting your ability to throw the ball.

adidas Football Gloves

Haul in that big catch and take it all the way to the house with a pair of adidas football gloves. Whether you're looking for gloves to match your uniform or want to stand out with a bright and eye-catching design, there are plenty of choices to suit your game. Wide receiver football gloves like the adizero give you a compression fit so no spot of the glove feels loose, acting as an extension of your hands. Seamless Griptack helps you make that elusive catch or snag the handoff when it counts the most. Padded football gloves like the Freak have the compressive and grippy feel of the adizero, with cushy padding to help you absorb contact.

White football gloves come in different graphic patterns and metallic accents to let you get the best of both worlds — a neutral color to go with your uniform and a flashy design to show your swagger. Wide receivers, tight ends and running backs catching the ball out of the backfield use football catching gloves like the adizero or the Freak to make every down count. Check out our selection of adidas football gloves and let them do the work after you reel in the catch.